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The IC was founded in 2014 with the aim of defining the future by anticipating changes in the broader world. While a key part of our mission is to identify and develop future learning methods for our students that align changing technology with workforce needs, an underlying theme has also been to demonstrate new ways that people could work together, collaboratively and productively.




"Case Western Reserve University has always led with innovation."

"Why you? Why now? Why HoloLens?"


The first step in a collaboration is to meet, virtually or in person, to lay the groundwork for our collaboration. But before we begin, it would be helpful to know where you are in your process developement.




Exploratory phase is exciting, but overwhelming. Everything feels like a question. We are available to meet with you and discuss the current landscape and possibilities of mixed reality within your industry, so you know where to begin.


Advisory phase is the next step. You've landed on a goal that you believe mixed reality could help you meet, but you need expertise and developement assistance to create the app you need.


Creative Phase is the work. You have a goal, you have decided mixed reality is the way to get there, and you have formulated a plan (including obtaining pertinent assets, identifying ideal users, and scoped out a budget.) Here, we can take the wheel and develop a pilot app.

Ready to take the next step? 



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Special event – Visions and Revisions: Behind the Scenes of “Revealing Krishna”

On Sunday, December 12th at 2:00pm EST, join us live or virtually for a behind-the-scenes discussion of the creation of “Revealing Krishna” at the Cleveland Museum of Art: “Science, innovation, and digital technologies were integral to the development of the unprecedented exhibition Revealing Krishna: Journey to Cambodia’s Sacred Mountain at the Cleveland Museum of Art.…


News Herald – CMA’s ‘Revealing Krishna’ aims to inform with rare sister statues, high-tech elements

Some great press from the News Herald on our collaboration with CMA in “Revealing Krishna”: “…from there, you can transition to something extremely modern: “The Story of the Cleveland Krishna” HoloLens Experience. With the aid of Microsoft’s second-generation HoloLens augmented-reality headsets… guests 12 and older literally can walk through the complex history of the Cleveland…


Pushing the Digital Boundaries with “Revealing Krishna” at CMA

CMA’s Digital Project Managers Haley Kedziora and Anna Faxon cover a Behind-the-Scenes look at the myriad of digital technologies used to create this groundbreaking exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The IC was CMA’s mixed reality partner, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in this spectacular exhibition. Read the full article on…


Cleveland Museum of Art’s big Krishna exhibit uses technology, great storytelling, to reveal history

Thrilled at the positive review from on our collaboration with CMA in “Revealing Krishna” – “The technologies used in the show are vivid and compelling. But instead of upstaging the real artworks in the show, the digital displays are likely to leave viewers feeling more impressed, better informed, and perhaps even awed, by the…


Inaugural IC Fellows Cohort

The first ever IC Fellow Cohort is beginning fall, 2021. This group will meet weekly and work together with the IC to become fluent in the application and best practices of mixed reality as a teaching tool, and will receive support in the design, build, and execution of their courses from a team of experts…


“Revealing Krishna” IC + CMA Exhibit Opening 11/2021

In partnership with CMA, the IC has developed a digital exhibit revealing the history of a sculpture in their collection depicting the Hindu God, Krishna (Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan). In this 15-minute mixed reality experience, museum-goers will learn about its origins in Cambodia, and its incredible journey as it is smashed, sold, abandoned, and finally…


IC Collaboration on Robotic Surgery During MRI in the Daily

In conjunction with the school of biomedical engineering at CWRU, the IC is helping to develop the first “augmented-reality heart catheterization, ablation while patient is inside an MRI.” A physician would be fitted with a Microsoft HoloLens, and guided by real-time MRI imaging, would then direct and supervise the robotic procedure. Professor M. Cenk Cavusoglu is…

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Remote HoloAnatomy Study published in JAMA

JAMA, or the Journal of American Medical Association, published the study that we performed on the experience and assessment of the Remote HoloAnatomy® Software course, delivered in the spring semester of the academic year 2019-2020. Our study on the remote delivery of the HoloAnatomy® Application was the first to show positive learning experiences for an entire…


HoloAnatomy Software Featured in EDUCAUSE Digital Review 2020

EDUCAUSE Review, a magazine that takes a broad look at current development and trends in technology to see how it relates to college and universities. This magazine dives into how the IT community works together with the higher education institutions to enhance their future. ‍ This issue of EDUCAUSE Review featured the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite…

slate – Body of Knowledge

Can medical students learn anatomy without a cadaver? Covid-19 is forcing the question.