How to collaborate
with the IC

From academia to manufacturing, from fine art to biomedical engineering, our partners and their expertise run the gamut.

Not only has it been interesting to work in so many fields, but being interdisciplinary is foundational to our mission. When two or more disciplines come together, unique leaps occur in the “in between.” Combining expertise overcomes roadblocks in technology, methodology, and pedagogy, to open up new avenues to innovation. An app for a dance performance informs a neurosurgery device. A map of the body can become a map of a city.  


"Case Western Reserve is a research university, and the creative aspect is an important part of research. Being a member of this IC community – of artists and thinkers and writers and researchers and teachers – is opening up tons of things for me personally."


Professor of Dance


The IC hosted the largest shared-group mixed reality experience, which took place over the course of eight separate performances of Imagined Odyssey, directed by Gary Galbraith and co-produced with the CWRU Department of Dance.

Ways we collaborate

From custom apps, to ongoing mentoring and consulting, the IC offers external partners a wide array of collaborative possibilities.

  • Projects

Help your organization’s key decision-makers evaluate Microsoft HoloLens with a small-scale, custom project. Collaborate with IC staff to identify a concept and brief storyboard, which IC programmers can then translate into a software application.

  • Consulting

Engage with IC leadership for insight into future technology and how it may affect industry peers and your business.

  • Research

Access one of the most experienced HoloLens development teams outside of Seattle to advance research and development for your organization.

  • Events

Schedule a visit for your team to experience HoloLens in person and participate in future-focused dialogue about next generation technology.

  • Licensing

Take advantage of pre-existing innovations from the IC by licensing intellectual property and products.

  • Staffing

In addition to full-time staff, the IC employs a team of student workers who gain programming experience. These students may be recruited by your organization as interns (and future hires).

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