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Students at the center
of the IC

Over the years, we’ve hosted, mentored, and employed dozens of students who work alongside our full-time team.

Throughout our entire tenure on campus, these students have brought a vibrant and irreplaceable energy to the IC, which in turn fuels our creativity and our innovation. In part due to their experience and training at the IC, our alumni are now working at high profile jobs at places like Microsoft, Google and Hyland Software, and pursuing advanced degrees in their fields. But most importantly for us, they cite the culture of the IC as a motivating force, which bred a newfound confidence in themselves that has continued in their current work. 

Meet some IC alumni


"Working at the IC was the first time I realized I could combine my interests, to be both a tech person and a med person, and it was my first hands-on experience at the intersection of the two."

CWRU BA 2018, IC Alumna


"My time working with the IC helped me understand that my potential is more limitless than I thought it was. The limit is not the classroom, the limit is not what you can learn in a book, the limit is human ingenuity. So I learned to not limit myself, and to apply that to any project I would work on."

Software Engineer, HYLAND SOFTWARE
CWRU BS 2016, IC Alumnus

maya nayak

"When I joined the IC, I was met with such a fierce, empowering group of individuals who let me know my worth. I think that everyone at the IC strives to make others feel important. I find it extremely difficult after working there to ever doubt myself again."

Software Engineer, MICROSOFT
CWRU BS 2019, IC Alumna


"It’s this place and the people here that have pushed me to change what I thought I would do with my life. Not just as a career pathway, but also as a way of thinking about my impact on my field, my research, and my general impact as a whole person."

CWRU BS 2017, IC Alumnus

elle zadina

"I loved to give demos at the IC, because it was such a powerful way to see how the technology was impacting people who didn't even think this was possible. You're transforming learning, and watching it happen right in front of you."

Associate Product Manager, GOOGLE
CWRU BS 2017, IC Alumna

Current student opportunities

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