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The IC was founded in 2014 with the aim of defining the future by anticipating changes in the broader world. While a key part of our mission is to identify and develop future learning methods for our students that align changing technology with workforce needs, an underlying theme has also been to demonstrate new ways that people could work together, collaboratively and productively.




"Case Western Reserve University has always led with innovation."

"Why you? Why now? Why HoloLens?"


The first step in a collaboration is to meet, virtually or in person, to lay the groundwork for our collaboration. But before we begin, it would be helpful to know where you are in your process developement.




Exploratory phase is exciting, but overwhelming. Everything feels like a question. We are available to meet with you and discuss the current landscape and possibilities of mixed reality within your industry, so you know where to begin.


Advisory phase is the next step. You've landed on a goal that you believe mixed reality could help you meet, but you need expertise and developement assistance to create the app you need.


Creative Phase is the work. You have a goal, you have decided mixed reality is the way to get there, and you have formulated a plan (including obtaining pertinent assets, identifying ideal users, and scoped out a budget.) Here, we can take the wheel and develop a pilot app.

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IC Collaboration on Robotic Surgery During MRI in the Daily

In conjunction with the school of biomedical engineering at CWRU, the IC is helping to develop the first “augmented-reality heart catheterization, ablation while patient is inside an MRI.” A physician would be fitted with a Microsoft HoloLens, and guided by real-time MRI imaging, would then direct and supervise the robotic procedure. Professor M. Cenk Cavusoglu is…

jama network open orange

Remote HoloAnatomy Study published in JAMA

JAMA, or the Journal of American Medical Association, published the study that we performed on the experience and assessment of the Remote HoloAnatomy® Software course, delivered in the spring semester of the academic year 2019-2020. Our study on the remote delivery of the HoloAnatomy® Application was the first to show positive learning experiences for an entire…


HoloAnatomy Software Featured in EDUCAUSE Digital Review 2020

EDUCAUSE Review, a magazine that takes a broad look at current development and trends in technology to see how it relates to college and universities. This magazine dives into how the IT community works together with the higher education institutions to enhance their future. ‍ This issue of EDUCAUSE Review featured the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite…

slate – Body of Knowledge

Can medical students learn anatomy without a cadaver? Covid-19 is forcing the question.


IC Collaborator Professor Elizabeth Bolman gives virtual presentation on her work in Egypt

After multiple decades of research and work on Egyptian art, Professor Elizabeth Bolman, the Elsie B. Smith Professor in the Liberal Arts and chair of the Department of Art History and Art at CWRU, is set to give a virtual presentation to hundreds of viewers across the globe. Her work includes the cataloguing and preservation of The…


Dance Department Collaborator With IC Honored With John S. Diekhoff Award

Karen Potter, Chair of the Department of Dance at CWRU was awarded The Diekhoff Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the education of graduate students through advising and classroom teaching. Potter collaborates with the IC on a variety of levels from dance performances to creating opportunities for dancers to learn anatomy and kinesiology through the…


Remote HoloAnatomy App Featured in Wall Street Journal

During the month of March, the IC facilitated the shipping of 185 HoloLenses to all first year med students at CWRU. Since March 24, 2020, all HoloAnatomy® Software classes have been happening in our students’ homes located throughout North America. The IC’s work on this project was featured in the Wall Street Journal with Sue Workman,…


IC Hosts Global Senior Leaders of Canon

Roughly 20 global senior leaders of Cannon made a visit to Cleveland in late February 2020. During their trip to Cleveland, they made a stop at the IC to discuss both MRI research collaborations as well as experience the Microsoft HoloLens. This visit allowed guest from all over the world to see how CWRU is…


Celebrating the Appointment of Mark Griswold, PhD

Mark Griswold, PhD, Faculty Director at the Interactive Commons and Professor of Radiology was awarded The Pavey Family Designated Professor of Innovative Imaging-Revolutionizing the Worlds of Education and Medicine in February of 2020. CWRU President Barbra Snyder and Dean Pamela Davis of the School of Medicine recognize Griswold for his extensive research and technological advances…


Provost Announces Think Big Pathway Leaders

Provost Ben Vincent III announces Pathway Leaders for the University’s new Think Big strategic plan, and IC Faculty Director Mark Griswold was among the group named. Along with Professor Maggie Popkin of Art History, Mark will helm Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity and Technology. Read the full article here.