What We Do

Bring ideas
into focus

By providing cutting-edge resources to visualize and communicate information, we may examine problems holistically and identify ideal solutions.

Synchronous, simultaneous, shared experiences are transformative. They have the power to illuminate novel solutions, unexpected connections, or create entire new pathways to be explored. Our expertise at the IC is in creating visualizations that do just that - bringing people together to see what was formerly invisible, and build from there.  

The IC features the Microsoft HoloLens, a wireless holographic headset that blends the digital world with the real world. From anywhere in the world with a Wifi connection, users can connect to each other, to identical digital assets, and to their respective real-world environment.

Professor Cameron McIntyre and his lab at the CWRU School of Biomedical Engineering piloted a custom HoloLens framework built by the IC to establish an atlas of the connections in the critically important area around the subthalamic nucleus, the site of many treatments for Parkinson’s Disease. 



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