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The IC was founded in 2014 with the aim of defining the future by anticipating changes in the broader world. While a key part of our mission is to identify and develop future learning methods for our students that align changing technology with workforce needs, an underlying theme has also been to demonstrate new ways that people could work together, collaboratively and productively.




"Case Western Reserve University has always led with innovation."

"Why you? Why now? Why HoloLens?"


The first step in a collaboration is to meet, virtually or in person, to lay the groundwork for our collaboration. But before we begin, it would be helpful to know where you are in your process developement.




Exploratory phase is exciting, but overwhelming. Everything feels like a question. We are available to meet with you and discuss the current landscape and possibilities of mixed reality within your industry, so you know where to begin.


Advisory phase is the next step. You've landed on a goal that you believe mixed reality could help you meet, but you need expertise and developement assistance to create the app you need.


Creative Phase is the work. You have a goal, you have decided mixed reality is the way to get there, and you have formulated a plan (including obtaining pertinent assets, identifying ideal users, and scoped out a budget.) Here, we can take the wheel and develop a pilot app.

Ready to take the next step? 




HoloAnatomy App Named Finalist for International Science Media Awards

The HoloAnatomy® demo app designed by the Interactive Commons to highlight how mixed-reality technology can transform education, is a finalist in the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards, an international competition that recognizes the best in science communications across a broad range of media. The HoloAnatomy® app has two competitors left in the “Virtual Reality and Augmented…

senior project

CWRU Senior Projects in HoloLens

A new CWRU video highlights three of the HoloLens-based senior projects that were supported by the IC this last semester. These projects include a tool to help musicians, a tool to help patients with psychotherapy and an interactive map that can be used to analyze energy usage on campus. Read More.


Dr. Mark Griswold featured on CIFF Perspectives panel

Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) featured a first-ever exhibition for immersive storytelling, featuring interactive media, virtual reality, and more. As technology evolves, so too does the way we tell stories. With a new generation of creators, comes innovative collaboration and the capacity to envision multiple perspectives within a single story. Here you can watch the…

MSFT partners

Microsoft HoloLens – Partners Make it Real

Partners like Lowe’s, Greg Lynn FORM, Case Western Reserve University, NASA, and more have moved from proofs of concept to pilot and are now putting Microsoft HoloLens to use in real business scenarios. Watch.

henry and students

IC Develops First Third Party Application for HoloLens

Developers in the IC helped CWRU make history by delivering the first third party application in the Microsoft HoloLens app store. The application is a quick demonstration of how we plan to use HoloLens for anatomy education in the future. The accompanying video has already been viewed by millions of people from all over the globe.…


HoloLens at Microsoft Build: All About Collaboration

HoloLens at Microsoft Build: All About CollaborationAs expected, HoloLens was the star of Microsoft Build 2016, much as it was for Build 2015. There was a fundamental difference this year, though. Last year was all about showing you holograms in your world. Keynote demos showed single users exploring anatomy, controlling robots, and moving windows on…

viewer app _ build

Working with HoloLens: Learning to Write Shaders

Over the last six months or so, I’ve taken on the task of learning and implementing shaders for our group. For anyone who doesn’t know, a shader is the code which your GPU runs to take your object and turn it into something you can see on the screen. As you can imagine, a shader…

jama network open orange

CWRU on Stage for Second HoloLens Demo at //BUILD

Dean of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Pamela B. Davis, was on stage at the 2016 Microsoft //Build conference to update the world on our digital anatomy program. She was joined on stage by IC members Jeff Mlakar and Henry Eastman who did a live demonstration of the application. They also brought…


How We Got Here

A short description of thoughts that led to the IC.

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Communicating with Pics and Tech

The Interactive Commons (IC) endeavors to tackle some of society’s greatest challenges by combining expertise. In other words, the things that you know in your unique discipline may provide some missing insight into the unique thing someone is doing in a seemingly unrelated area. And, to bridge different perspectives and sides of academia, we need some tools…