IC Fellows Cohort 2022

Physics Playground


Dr. Michael Martens has been a longtime collaborator with the Interactive Commons — he was one of the very first CWRU instructors to use the HoloLens in a lab for his electromagnetism course. When the IC Fellows program was first announced, he had another idea to take on: connecting smart devices and the HoloLens to display forces holographically on physical objects.

This app is still under development, however the proof-of-concept app created during his fellowship (Physics Playground) displays holographic lines depicting the intensity of a force applied to an object. Eventually, Dr. Martens imagines creating a whole “playground” of physics experiments intended for high-school students to better understand elements of classical mechanics, such as gravity, velocity, and acceleration.


The IC Fellows Cohort is Provost-sponsored initiative since 2022 to expand CWRU's homegrown mixed reality (MR) educational programming throughout the university in ways that benefit learners. This one-year fellowship is free and open to all CWRU faculty and staff. Once selected, Fellows meet weekly at the IC to become fluent in the application and best practices of MR as a teaching tool and receive support in the design, build, and execution of customized MR applications.