3-D symmetry Showcase 2022

Crystallography is the study of the atomic-level structure of a crystal and how that organization affects its properties and performance. Crystals have by definition three-dimensional symmetry, which is foundational to understand and very difficult to teach using traditional two-dimensional methods. Dr. Sehirlioglu applied to the IC Fellows Program to create an application that would allow students to explore and play with different symmetrical systems in an interactive, approachable, and collaborative setting.

In the app developed by Dr. Sehirlioglu during his fellowship (3-D Symmetry), users place holographic balls within a gridded play space until all the balls are used and each highlighted axis or plane has completed symmetry (and thus turns green.) Dr. Sehirlioglu also intends to use this application as a means to look deeper into the learning mechanisms at work in mixed reality classroom tools.


The IC Fellows Cohort is Provost-sponsored initiative since 2022 to expand CWRU's homegrown mixed reality (MR) educational programming throughout the university in ways that benefit learners. This one-year fellowship is free and open to all CWRU faculty and staff. Once selected, Fellows meet weekly at the IC to become fluent in the application and best practices of MR as a teaching tool and receive support in the design, build, and execution of customized MR applications.