The IC Collaborates with CWRU Dance Legend Gary Galbraith

Nov 10, 2017

The IC has partnered with CWRU dance faculty member, Gary Galbraith, to stage the first dance performance using Microsoft HoloLens. In this performance, the entire audience of over 80 people will wear a HoloLens. On stage they are able to see animated holographic set pieces, as well as visually stunning “digital costumes”, including particles and tornadoes, that follow the dancers on stage. As far as we know, this represents the largest number of people simultaneously engaged in the same virtual experience anywhere. We see this as opening a door into a whole new artistic medium. As dancer Karen Opper says, “We’re able to invite the audience into our imaginations.” The production runs from November 10 until November 18th at the Mather Dance Center at CWRU.

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