Study on HoloAnatomy published in Medical Science Educator

Nov 15, 2019

In this randomized controlled trial, we looked at the effectiveness of a mixed reality (MR) device – the Microsoft HoloLens – to teach musculoskeletal anatomy to medical students compared with traditional cadaveric dissection.

This study marks the first time that MR was compared with traditional anatomy learning modalities in a multi-session, group course. Our results clearly indicate that medical students, regardless of the study modality, performed similarly on the MR and the cadaver practical exams.

“Mixed Reality Anatomy Using Microsoft HoloLens and Cadaveric Dissection: A Comparative Effectiveness Study”. M. Stojanovska, G. Tingle, L. Tan, L. Ulrey, S. Simonson-Shick, J. Mlakar, H. Eastman, R. Gotschall, A. Boscia, R. Enterline, E. Henninger, K. A. Herrmann, S. W. Simpson, M. A. Griswold & S. Wish-Baratz. Medical Science Educator, 1-6.

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