HoloLens can be so boring sometimes, and that’s okay!

Mar 24, 2018

Mark Griswold

Below you can see a brief mixed-reality capture video taken by Galen Tingle. It shows IC artist, Lisa Tan, working with Dr. Jon Kiechle on some of our new pelvic anatomy. In the IC, this is a run-of-the-mill review session between our artistic staff and our anatomy experts. Despite the fact that Jon was at relative’s house in another city, in this new reality that we live in, Lisa and Galen are able to see where he is standing and what he is looking at and where he is pointing with his hand.

We think this video is a perfect example of the power of HoloLens. These two are simply working together to go over the new anatomical structures the team had made over the last week. Lisa is patiently taking notes and there is really nothing exciting happening (other than Jon getting interrupted by his kids.) There is no “gee-wiz” or flashy technology apparent here–it’s just two people working together, dealing with family, and moving on. This is essentially an every-day productive meeting… it’s almost irrelevant that Jon is in another physical location.

This is future that we see–where technology fades into the background and simply enables us to work better together.

For those interested, this is using our remote communication framework, developed largely by Jeff Mlakar from the IC. Click the image below to watch.

Mark Griswold

Mark Griswold, Ph.D., is the Pavey Family Designated Professor of Innovative Imaging, Professor of Radiology, Director of MRI Research and Faculty Director of the Interactive Commons (IC) at Case Western Reserve University.
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